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#062 The IIVI Issue

In this jammed-packed, over-time issue we kick off with the next ep of the Rapisodes. Then Rhys gets an annoying internets service inserted in his head - then Dan gets a haunted book - then Buttons brings joystick monkeys. Then we hear of over-loved chandeliers, fireproof artwork fire-suits, misplaced space trees and cryptid croissants. We then get a small tease of a big cat hunt and an important notice in the noticeboard. So just a normal episode really. Enjoy!  The Cryptid Factor · #062 The IIVI Issue

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#061 The Other Podcasts Issue

Well, If you hoping this show wouldn't get any more chaotic - then we have some bad news for you. In here Rhys busts out the worlds first Rapisode, Dan gets fooled by a Schnart, a Badger and a River Walrus, and Buttons reveals his get rich quick scheme - painfully slowly. Theres also intel on how to become immortal, a Squatch thumb bone under a rug in a river, an Uncle skeletal guitar, and questions about Big Cats in Thrupp. All this - whilst the hosts are simultaneously hosting other podcasts!  The Cryptid Factor · #061 The Other Podcasts...

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#059 The Poignancy Issue

In this jam-packed issue; Rhys has mic issues which leads to news stealing and a new branch on the 'Poignancy Tree'. Ships in the sea start flying and Slugs in the Sea lead to a new proverb (and possibly a new tee-shirt). All this plus super fresh alien big cat news, increases in Bigfoot bounty and Rhys reads old fan mail. Phewf!   The Cryptid Factor · #059 The Poignancy Issue

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#060 The Long Dong Issue

Well, it was only a matter of time that the show went to the gutter and the guys started resorting to toilet humor, and sadly, this show is it - though apparently it's all in the name of science(!!). Outside of that nonsense, there's also some normal nonsense - like glowing mermaids, a new 'official' Loch Ness sighting, a Mothman sighted on Google Maps, and some new lifeforms sighted in the space station disco lounge (??) The Cryptid Factor · #060 The Long Dong Issue

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