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#058 The Pitakinesis Issue

This week there's the usual stolen Alligator heads and space news... but the REAL highlight in this issue - Rhys brings back the long lost art of Pitakinesis with an actual live on-air *science* experiment!! Also, with Tasmanian Tiger photos jamming up the internet, we actual get to discussing actual Cryptozoology on a show about Cryptids! Will the wonders actual ever cease?

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#057 The Birthday Issue

Well, It's a very special day at the Cryptid Factor! Firstly, we're back from a wee summer break, secondly a Mars rover landed, and lastly and leastly... it's Buttons Birthday! To celebrate, Rhys brings his Grandad along, Dan brings many diversion facts, Buttons brings his new birthday floral shirt. Also in this issue - Nasa gets its rover stolen, Blackholes get blacker, Blackpool gets an Ancient Alien Disneyland, the Area 51 farm is up for sale, Pentagon give up their UFO secrets, and the 5th Dimension gets found. Woahzers! Enjoy!

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#053 The Blunder Issue

Welcome to Ep 53. In here you'll discover a whale eating canoes, Bear-scaring cyborg wolves, 3 men bullied in a tumble dryer, and some celebrities waxing on UFO sightings. Also, Rhys does some blunder deconstruction, Dan gives us Brian Blessed telling us of Zana the Russian Bigfoot, and Buttons gets a rare taste of fame - along with a new podcast! Plus - listen out for some very limited offers from Mikes Universe Cars. Enjoy!   The Cryptid Factor · #053 The Blunder Issue

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#054 The Unedited Issue

With Rhys busy selling his books (Buttons McGinty vol3 *OUT NOW*), Buttons busy learning to speak and Dan busy in lockdown, the team have been struggling to get episode 54 out. To solve this, the team attempt to do this episode 'unedited' for better or (possibly more likely) worse. Outside of the normally omitted mess, they also talk about underwater escapes from FBI, Lasers on Jet planes, silly world record attempts and expensive farts. Also in this ep - the NZ South Island alien big cat heads north and a UK Sasquatch starts throwing Salmon. The Cryptid Factor · #054 The Unedited...

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